Joseph Cutting Wind


Joseph Cutting-Wind has had to fight for his birthright his whole life, being born Garou from a Wendigo kin mother with a non-Kinfolk father with little Native American blood. He struggled to find acceptance in both his Garou Tribe and with his Kinfolk tribe. His father, Olen Jacobus is a career criminal living in Anchorage. Joseph ran away from home before his First Change and stayed with Olen, being exposed to an unsavoury life of juvenile delinquency and petty crime. At his First Change he was found by the Wendigo, and dragged back to assume duties within the Sept. Unwilling to submit, Joseph was punished with powerful medicine, a geas to supressing his Wolf until he has gained acceptance from the Spirits of the Ancestors and learned humility. Only then will he be free of the geas, and will be let back in. Any time he attempts to Change, his strength and Wolf will falter, leaving him powerless. At first he raged against his fate, but found only pain and humiliation. Joseph returned to Anchorage and got further involved with crime, before finally being arrested on drugs charges and sent to federal prison. Having enough sense to see he has no choice, Joseph accepted his sentence, secretly hating his people for having effectively neutered him. In prison he constantly met difficulties, not being accepted by the Native Americans, and fair game for the other groups, and without his Wolf, he had many opportunities to face the pain. Slowly building up his human strength alone, he managed to defend himself, but found hismelf in solitary more often than not. Here, he would have many visions, brought on by his senseless beatings from both guards and fellow prisoners, and slowly but steadily he started rebuilding his faith and standing with the Spirits. Regaining his Wolf, he turned to his Gifts to punish his enemies before they could confront him, thereby staying out of trouble in the face of many unexplainable events that plagued the remainder of his sentence. He experienced much more during his time inside, but after serving three years he was freed, having served his sentence with both human law enforcement and the Spirits. He spent the next two years re-learning the training he had rejected when among his Tribe, seeking out the barren, cold wastes and the many Spirits there, following Raven for sustenance and succour.

When he finally found it within him to return to his Sept and beg forgiveness, he found only death and sorrow. His people was mostly vanquished. There was no more Sept. A battle against powerful minions of the Wyrm had left their numbers decimated, and most had sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Never had Josephs humility been greater.

He ran for a while with a rag-tag pack of outsiders including a Gurahl and a Pumonca, and helped regain a powerful, ancient Caern at Lupine Creek. The Caern was then seized by a powerful Shadow Lord on behalf of the Garou Nation, and Joseph and his packmated found themselves once again ostracised.

Now he dances dangerously close to his all-consuming Rage as he is once again cast off as unworthy, left to run only with the lowest.


Joseph Cutting Wind

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