Werewolf: Lupine Creek

I know what you did last midd-summer
A blog post by Prepper Joe

Hi folks. Joe here.
First a bit of an update. My last blog post about the group of sasquatch swimming in the hot spring got 97 hits. Witch I thought was pretty good. Now I know some of you internett folks says that not all those hits are readers but I know a thing or two about reading blogs that aren’t afraid of telling the truth. And there are a lot more readers out there than 97 I can tell you that.

Now ey know some of ye keep complaining about the picture was a bit blurry but as keep sayin. You have to use a regular old camera. None of that there new digital stuff will do. They have some fancy digital gremlins in am that the government and the nwo put there to keep you from learning the truth. Also thanks for the comments arizonaConspiracy92, and yes I do think the aliens helpt the climate scientists genetically modify the crop circles down there in Texas. Ill link in your blog post down below so the good fellas here can read all about it when they are done reading this.

But now on to tonight subject. I saw them. I saw them all yesterday. What happened was I had just taken my evening mind openers and there was some sort of gathering going on outside. It started as a bbq over at the diner but I could already see the trees moving and it just got weirder from there. It all started when what foreigner fellow started playing on a tree root. He played the root like a fidl. Only the root danced to the rhythm. I could feel the dancing starting in my own feet and I immediately understood that something was wrong so I put on my good old shootn range earmuffs. That took care of that.

Then all manner of strange creatures came pouring out of the woods. There was a goat that walked like a man. A two headed deer. Dozens of tiny dancing flowers. Some sort of pixies flying about. Then I saw a huge indian fella, At least 10 feet tall and mean looking. There was a black bear too. Only he had the head of a man and a red beard. And two weasels running off with a beer keg. I even saw a fox dancing with a rabbit. And in the sky I saw a huge raven, as big as a man circling the town. Now before you go dragging me off to the loony bin remember… I already told you about them guys in their fancy suits driving through town so you know it’s true.

Now next weeń∑ Ill share with you some of my tips for growing peyote. And remember, stay away from that there genetically modified chemical stuff and only take natural mind enhancers like hemp, cannabis, peyote and mushrooms.

In Medias Res

Joseph Cutting-Wind, Wendigo-at-large, has returned to Lupine Creek. He demands his due, though he secretly wants to kill every white man in Lupine Creek.
Presented before the self-styled “king”, he and five strangers are tasked with forming a new pack. Joseph is not at all surprised to find that the his new packmates are all outcasts and wretches, among them Leo, a fey minstrel who turn out to be Bastet; Jack Able, a grubby Bone Gnawer; and Cole, a broken warrior, whispered to be Ronin.

The pack is sent to rebuild a community in a nearby derelict township. Joseph is reluctant and angry, but grudgingly concedes to the task as he sees the cheerfulness that his fellow outcasts bring to the job. He hunts with Leo, and they bring home a large buck. They feast, and forge their bonds in the steam hut, taking strong medicine and bonding in the embrace of Raven.

Jack gains a job at a local bar, and Leo manages to secure a playing gig there, secretly planning a magic ritual for the coming Midsummer Eve. Cole and Joseph join as security, as Leo expects trouble of the supernatural kind. And sure enough, sometghing stirs. Dealing with a Spirit of Jealousy, Cole and Joseph discover a sinister group performing a black rite in the Penumbra, summoning up oil sand from a nearby sand plain.

Disconcerted by the discovery, the group holds vigil at the desecrated site, and take action as a helicopter from a dubious multinational corporation arrives. Jack Able loses no momentum, and brings down the chopper.

They cover up the deed as best as they can, staging an “accident” miles away, and prepare for the coming storm…

Ancient History

A rag-tag group of outcasts discovered and reclaimed an ancient, powerful Caern in Interior Alaska. Their victory was costly, and glorious. Their numbers counted one rebellious Wendigo, one territorial Pumonca, a curmudgeonly Gurahl, and a frustrated Corax.

Only the Wendigo still stood as the Wyrm’s last agents melted in their own acidic blood. But his glory was short-lived. Arriving out of the wind and ice, a powerful Shadow Lord led a faction sent by the Garou Nation. Speaks With Frost claimed the Hand of Gaia for the Garou, and set himself up as master of the fledgling Sept he formed around him. The lone Wendigo was driven out by claw and blade.

The Corax and the Pumonca had given their lives. The Gurahl was gone too, thought perished, though no-one saw his corpse. The saviours of the Hand of Gaia had been broken, by their own.


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