Werewolf: Lupine Creek

Ancient History

A rag-tag group of outcasts discovered and reclaimed an ancient, powerful Caern in Interior Alaska. Their victory was costly, and glorious. Their numbers counted one rebellious Wendigo, one territorial Pumonca, a curmudgeonly Gurahl, and a frustrated Corax.

Only the Wendigo still stood as the Wyrm’s last agents melted in their own acidic blood. But his glory was short-lived. Arriving out of the wind and ice, a powerful Shadow Lord led a faction sent by the Garou Nation. Speaks With Frost claimed the Hand of Gaia for the Garou, and set himself up as master of the fledgling Sept he formed around him. The lone Wendigo was driven out by claw and blade.

The Corax and the Pumonca had given their lives. The Gurahl was gone too, thought perished, though no-one saw his corpse. The saviours of the Hand of Gaia had been broken, by their own.


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